- Weight of the bow - 250 grams!!
- Draw Weight - 35-45 lbs
- Length - 52 inches
- Draw length - 28-32 inches
- Material - ash, maple, fiberglass
- Bowstring - Dacron
- Bow is equipped with a waterproof case

Standard shipping from Ukraine - 2-3 weeks by Ukrposhta and USPS

Turkish archery is a tradition of archery which became highly developed in the Ottoman Empire, although its origins date back to the Eurasian Steppe in the second millennium BC. The Turkish bow is a recurved composite bow used in the Ottoman Empire. The construction is similar to that of other classic Asiatic composite bows, with a wooden core (maple was most desirable), animal horn on the belly (the side facing the archer), and sinew on the front, with the layers secured together with Animal glue.