Medieval shirt size* Client chest girth (H) Medieval shirt chest girth Medieval shirt length Medieval shirt sleeve length
S <90 cm 96 cm 70 cm 56 cm
M 91-105 cm 110 cm 76 cm 56 cm
L 106-120 cm 126 cm 76 cm 56 cm
XL 121-135 cm 140 cm 81 cm 63 cm
XXL 136-150 cm 156 cm 81 cm 63 cm
Custom +20% of the basic price

Medieval shirt made of linen is an essential part of medieval underwear for men. Together with braies it makes a basic set for reenactors who start completing their historical costumes.

We make our medieval shirts from linen in white or natural color. On special request, we can use other colors or fabrics like silk or cotton. Medieval underwear from expensive fabrics was worn mostly by higher social classes.

The presented medieval shirt consists of rectangles. It has a cut and strings under the neck. In the Middle Ages, depending on region and period, shirts could have had various finishing, differing in length, cuff, or collar. That's why on your request we can prepare a unique historical shirt. Send us a picture of your dreamed-of shirt, and we will prepare it for you.

Our historical shirts can be sewn in one of three standards. Economic standard is sewed entirely by machine. High standard means sewing by hand. Medium standard is a mix of two: visible seams are made by hand, while the rest by machine.