- Size: diameter of a pendant - 40 mm/4 cm
- Material: steel
- 100% handmade work
- 3-5 days Processing time

2 weeks delivery from Kiev, Ukraine by Ukrposhta and USPS

ALATYR in Russian medieval legends and folklore is a sacred stone, "the father of all stones," a navel of the earth, containing sacred letters and endowed with healing properties. It is often mentioned in Russian conspiracies, mainly, quaint, affectionate, as "a mighty power with no end".

In the verse of the Pigeon, Alatyr is associated with an altar located in the center of the world, in the middle of the sea-ocean, on the island of Bouyan. It is a world tree or throne of world reign. The stone is endowed with healing and magical properties. In spiritual verses it is described how "from under the white altar-stone" follows a wonderful source, which gives the whole world "nutrition and healing". Alatyr is guarded by the wise serpent of Garaphen and the Hagan bird