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Our workshop in Lviv

We are a collaboration of two workshops from Ukraine and Poland, located in Lviv and Krakow. On the picture you can see one of our workshop which is located in Lviv. We forge our axes, swords, maces and make shields there. Our team consists of 5 people who have different roles. Andrey and Vasyl forge the axe and swords. Nikolay and Ivan make engravings on the handles and makes other wooden goods such as statues. Andrew is responsible for sales and our media accounts. 

Hand forged viking axes, viking axe for sale, valhallaworld, usable viking axe, double sided war axes

Process of forging and etching the axes

Making the axes that you see on our pictures take a lot of time and effort. The process consist of forging, etching and making the handle. Firstly, we take the premade piece of steel, glow it to 1150°С and give it the needed shape. We leave it for some time. Then, we make the etching or engraving on the axe head (depending on the model). Lastly, we carve the handle from the birch wood. As a result, you can see the pictures of our works in the profile.