- Size: 9 or 20 inches
- Material: oak, oil wax
- 2-3 weeks delivery from Eastern Europe

Ostara represented the coming of spring and was also a fertility deity. Before the Common Era, she was worshiped as the Goddess of Fertility, being grifted with eggs, rabbits and hares. Despite being called a Goddess, she is not a literal deity, but a Tulpa, having been born millennia ago, when people in search of fertility for their lands, began to worship a goddess they created called "Ostara", that ended up coming to life thanks to the unconsiousness of mankind. Ostara was then a very important goddess for some ancient peoples.

Our Ostara figurine is made of oak hardwood by hands of skilled European carvers. The statue is covered with natural oil wax to keep it older style. Check out other oak statues: Odin statue, Cerridwen statue, and Taranis statue.