Product information: 

- One sized bracelet
- Materials: stainless steel
- The product is shipped from the USA and delivery takes 2-3 days maximum.
- All of our jewelry products are made by us in our workshop, we do NOT sell Chinese pendants and bracelets from AliExpress and similar websites. All of the products are handcrafted in Ukraine by experienced artisans.

The Thor Hammer Bangle is a striking and powerful accessory that pays homage to the legendary Mjolnir, the enchanted hammer wielded by the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bangle captures the essence of the mythical hammer in a stylish and wearable form.

The bangle features a solid and weighty design, reminiscent of Mjolnir's formidable presence. Its surface is adorned with intricate engravings and etchings that showcase the iconic symbols associated with Thor, such as thunderbolts and Norse runes. The meticulous craftsmanship brings out the fine details of the hammer, creating a piece that is both visually captivating and rich in symbolism.

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