Product information: 

- Adjustable bracelet size
- Materials: stainless steel
- The product is shipped from the USA and delivery takes 2-3 days maximum.
- All of our jewelry products are made by us in our workshop, we do NOT sell Chinese pendants and bracelets from AliExpress and similar websites. All of the products are handcrafted in Ukraine by experienced artisans.

The Vegvisir Leather Bracelet is a stunning and meaningful accessory that pays homage to ancient Norse navigation and protection symbols. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this bracelet features a Vegvisir, a runic compass, as its focal point, symbolizing guidance and protection on life's journeys.

The band of the bracelet is made from high-quality leather, lending it a rustic and natural charm. The Vegvisir charm, intricately designed and positioned at the center, showcases the runic compass surrounded by ornate details. The Vegvisir is a symbol from Icelandic grimoires, believed to provide wearers with a sense of direction and protection, especially during challenging times.

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