- Size: 45 grams, 45*14 mm, 60 cm chain. 
- Materials: stainless steel
- The pendant comes with a 60 cm chain
- The product is shipped from the USA and delivery takes 2-3 days maximum.
- All of our jewelry products are made by us in our workshop, we do NOT sell Chinese pendants and bracelets from AliExpress and similar websites. All of the products are handcrafted in Ukraine by experienced artisans.

In production of our products, we use highest quality casted stainless steel to make our jewelry authentic and look detailed. As a result, our pendants, bracelets, rings, and necklaces are highly detailed and durable in time.

We also offer custom made pendants and rings made of various materials such as silver, steel, bronze, and gold. Please send us a message with your inquiry.

All the jewelry products except for the custom orders are shipped from the USA and are in stock. The delivery takes 2-3 days by USPS.


If still have any questions about the products, you can message us anytime, we will answers as fast as we can.