Product Information:

- Size: varies from 60 to 90 cm
- Material - pine wood, steel, and leather. 
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 3-7 kg depending on the size

The shield is made of thick natural pine wood, the edges are covered with forged steel and the belt is made of genuine leather. The shield is fully functional and may be used for various types of battles such as buhurt. The shield has a symbol of Celtic Cross. Some believe origins of the ring on the cross represent the Roman sun-deity Invictus. It is believed that the early Irish monks borrowed this idea of the sun god to explain Christ’s halo, to help explain the concept of Christianity to Celtic pagans Certainly, as a structural form, the circle in the cross brings great strength to the sculpture providing support to the outstretched arms of the cross. Our traditional Celtic cross shield is inspired from these early sculptures.

We also accept custom order. Please send us a message regarding custom made shield with your design.