Product information:

- Size: 9 inches
- Material: Linden tree, morilka
- If you would like to make a custom statue - please message me

The Carved Odin Statue made s a majestic and commanding representation of the chief of the Norse gods, Odin. Meticulously crafted with exceptional skill, this wooden sculpture encapsulates the wisdom, strength, and mysticism associated with the Allfather.

Standing with an air of regality and authority, Odin is portrayed in a pose that reflects his divine status. The artisan has intricately carved the god's distinctive features, capturing the depth of Odin's one-eyed gaze, the flowing beard that speaks of ageless wisdom, and the iconic wide-brimmed hat that symbolizes his shamanic insights. The choice of wood as the primary material adds warmth and natural authenticity to the statue, reinforcing the connection between the deity and the earthly realm.


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