Product information: 

- Size: 9 inches
- Material: Linen tree, morilka
- If you would like to make a custom statue - please message me

The Carved Idunn Statue is a sublime representation of the Norse goddess associated with youth, beauty, and the sacred apples that grant immortality. Meticulously crafted with skill and artistry, this statue captures the timeless grace and nurturing essence of Idunn.

In an uplifting and benevolent pose, Idunn is depicted with delicate features that radiate warmth and vitality. The sculptor has intricately carved her flowing hair, reflecting the goddess's eternal youthfulness. Idunn holds a basket of sacred apples in her hands, symbolizing the fruits of immortality and renewal. The choice of material for the carving, whether it be wood, stone, or another medium, adds a touch of natural beauty and authenticity, connecting the observer to the earth and the rejuvenating power associated with Idunn's mythological role.

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