- Weight - 2-2.1 kg
- Total length 1200 mm
- Blade length 900 mm
- Handle length 300 mm
- Blade width - 5-5.5 mm
- Steel - 65G
- 100% handmade work

By purchasing this sword, you will get highest quality handmade work created by experienced artisans from Ukraine 🔥

We use only 65G steel for our products that is highly durable and tough which makes our works fully functional.  We also create our works with the strict technology to keep the highest quality.✅

All the items are forged and then hardened.  You can use this sword for Buhurt Battles or any other type of medieval games/battles. The engraving is done by hands, we do not use the engraving machines to keep the works Authentic. ⚡️

In production of our products, we use highest quality steel, leather and wood. We also almost do not use plastics as it is harmful for the environment. As a result, our products are highly durable, reliable and will last you for ages.

Ukraine has been famous for it`s metal forging and etching, as well as for woodcarving crafts for ages. Since the Kievan Rus times the our artisans were developping their skills to make the best quality products. We have chosen experienced and skillfull team of artisans and designers to make our products. All our products are handmade and authentic, we do not make it on a factory or something like this.

Some of our products can be personalized or even made with your design. We usually customize shields, axes, wooden statues and bows. To get more clear answer please message us.

Most of the items are made to order, so the processing time is usually from 3 days to 2 weeks. All the items are shipped from Ukraine with the standard / priority shipping. Average delivery time is 10 days. We also have an option of express delivery if you need an item faster.


If still have any questions about the products, you can message us anytime, we will answers as fast as we can. Sometimes it may take up to 12 hours to reply due to time difference.