Product information: 

- Size: 80 cm 
- Fully usable item
- Material - Ash wood and U8 steel
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 2400 grams

The Forged Viking Axe is a robust and authentic weapon that harks back to the legendary craftsmanship of the Norse warriors. Forged with meticulous attention to detail, this axe pays homage to the Viking tradition, boasting both functionality and the distinctive aesthetics associated with the Norse people.

The axe head of the Forged Viking Axe is crafted from high-quality steel and meticulously shaped to reflect the iconic design favored by Viking warriors. Featuring a broad, bearded blade with a keen edge, this weapon is well-suited for a range of tasks, from wood chopping to close-quarters combat. The bearded design, where the blade extends beneath the axe's eye, enhances both cutting and hooking capabilities.

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