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Product information:

- Size: 50 cm length of the axe, 15 cm - blade length 
- Material - birch wood and U8 steel 
- Fully functional axe - you can chop the wood and do other activities similar to that.
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 1.5-2 kg

The Vegvisir Forged Axe is a masterfully crafted tool that blends both functionality and symbolism. Rooted in Norse mythology, the axe features the Vegvisir symbol, often referred to as the "Viking compass." This ancient symbol is believed to guide its bearer through rough weather and ensure they never lose their way.

Hand-forged from high-quality steel, the Vegvisir Forged Axe boasts a sharp, durable blade, capable of handling a variety of tasks, from chopping wood to intricate carving. The axe head is meticulously designed, often featuring engravings of the Vegvisir symbol, which adds to its aesthetic appeal and cultural significance.

The handle is typically made from robust, seasoned hardwood, ensuring a comfortable grip and long-lasting use. Often, the handle is treated and carved with traditional Norse patterns, further enhancing the axe’s visual allure and historical authenticity.

Whether used as a practical tool or a decorative piece, the Vegvisir Forged Axe embodies the spirit of Viking craftsmanship and heritage, making it a cherished item for enthusiasts of Norse culture and history.

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