Product information:

- Size: 35 cm
- Fully funtional item
- Material - birch wood and steel
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 900 grams

The Custom Design Axe is a truly unique and personalized masterpiece, meticulously crafted to meet the specific preferences and requirements of its owner. Unlike mass-produced axes, this weapon reflects the individuality and imagination of its creator, making it a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out both in functionality and aesthetics.

The axe head of the Custom Design Axe is tailored to suit the intended purpose, whether it be for combat, woodworking, or ceremonial use. The materials used in its construction can range from traditional metals to more exotic alloys, depending on the owner's preferences for durability, sharpness, and overall aesthetics. The shape and size of the blade can vary, allowing for customization based on the desired balance between cutting power and precision.

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