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Product information:

- Size: 95 cm
- Material - birch wood and U8 steel 
- Fully functional axe - you can chop the wood and do other activities similar to that.
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 3.5-4 kg

The Large Double Head Battle Axe is an imposing and formidable weapon that exemplifies the might and craftsmanship of ancient warriors. With its two broad, razor-sharp blades, this axe is designed for powerful strikes and maximum impact in combat scenarios.

Constructed from premium-quality steel, the battle axe heads are meticulously forged to ensure exceptional durability and edge retention. Each blade is carefully balanced to deliver devastating blows, whether in close-quarters combat or against formidable foes. The symmetry of the double heads provides versatility, allowing for continuous use even if one blade becomes dulled during battle.

The handle of the Large Double Head Battle Axe is crafted from resilient hardwood, often reinforced with metal bands or leather wrapping to enhance grip and control. Its length is designed to offer both reach and leverage, making it effective in a variety of combat situations. The handle may also feature intricate carvings or metal inlays that reflect the artistry and cultural heritage of its origin.

Beyond its practical application as a weapon, the Large Double Head Battle Axe is a symbol of strength and valor. It is an impressive addition to any collection of historical weaponry, medieval reenactments, or as a dramatic display piece. This axe captures the essence of ancient warfare, embodying the spirit of the warriors who wielded such fearsome tools in battle.

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