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Product information:

- Size: 95 cm
- Material - birch wood and U8 steel 
- Fully functional axe - you can chop the wood and do other activities similar to that.
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 3.5-4 kg

The Odin Double Head Hatchet is a striking and versatile tool that pays homage to the Allfather of Norse mythology, Odin. This hatchet features a double-headed design, with each blade honed to a fine edge for maximum efficiency in cutting, chopping, and splitting tasks.

Crafted from high-quality steel, the hatchet heads are robust and resilient, capable of enduring rigorous use. Each blade often bears intricate engravings, including depictions of Odin himself, his ravens Huginn and Muninn, or the Valknut symbol, which is closely associated with Odin and signifies the slain warriors taken to Valhalla.

The handle of the Odin Double Head Hatchet is made from sturdy, seasoned hardwood, providing a firm and comfortable grip. It is often embellished with carvings of traditional Norse patterns and runes, enhancing its connection to Viking heritage and adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Designed for both practicality and decoration, the Odin Double Head Hatchet is not only a functional tool for outdoor tasks and woodworking but also a powerful symbol of strength, wisdom, and protection. It serves as an ideal piece for collectors, history enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the rich lore and artistry of Norse culture.

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