- Material: hand forged steel
- Size: 9 cm (3.6 inches)
- 100% handmade work

2-3 weeks delivery by Ukrposhta and USPS from Ukraine

Throughout the medieval period, most of the peoples of Northern Europe would have set fires using a firesteel as part of a flint and steel fire making kit.

We at Flint and Steel strive to preserve the fire making methods of our Iron Age ancestors and as such we take inspiration from the latest archaeological findings when designing our products. Our high-quality steel strikers represents the culmination of at least four generations of knowledge passed down in our family from father to son.

This hand-forged high carbon firesteel is a precise replica of a firesteel design which was prevalent throughout Northern Europe. This particular design was influenced by the findings of an archaeological dig which took place in the Finnish town of Kangasala.

Like most Northern European firesteels, this Finnish variant is symmetrical in design, making it perfectly balanced in your hands as you strike the sharp edge of a piece of flint. Its ergonomic design makes this steel striker particularly suitable as an outdoors gift for any budding camper or woodsman in your life.

All of our steel strikers are shipped with a complimentary piece of flint stone so that you can start generating sparks right out of the box. Our hand-forged firesteels work best alongside linen char cloth tinder and jute twine kindling.

Take a look at our instructional videos and see how it easy it can be to make a fire without any recourse to modern matches or lighters.