Product information:

- Size: 30 cm
- Material - 65g steel, hardened, ash wood handle
- Fully functional item
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 1.2 kg

By purchasing this axe, you will get highest quality handmade work created by experienced artisans from Ukraine 🔥
We use only U8 steel for our axes that is highly durable and tough which makes our works fully functional. As for the wood, we use Carelian Birch which looks good and is durable for axe handles. 🌳
We also create our works with the strict technology to keep the highest quality. ✅
All the items are forged and then hardened. The engraving is done by hands, we do not use the engraving machines to keep the works Authentic. ⚡️

The bearded fist axe is a formidable and distinctive weapon that blends the cutting power of a traditional axe with the versatility of a reinforced gauntlet. At its core, this melee weapon features a robust and keenly edged axe head with a distinctive bearded design. The "beard" refers to the elongated and curved blade edge that extends beneath the axe's eye, enhancing its ability to deliver both slicing and hooking strikes.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the bearded fist axe's blade is often forged from high-quality materials, ensuring a sharp edge capable of cleaving through armor and adversaries alike. The bearded design not only adds to its cutting effectiveness but also provides a unique aesthetic touch, setting it apart from more conventional axes.

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