Product information:

- Size: 55 cm
- Material - 65g steel, hardened
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 1.2 kg

The Bearded Axe of Ragnar, a weapon steeped in the blood-soaked sagas of Viking legend, is a testament to the ferocity and indomitable spirit of its namesake. Crafted in the heart of the Norse lands by skilled blacksmiths, this formidable weapon embodies the raw power and relentless determination of its wielder.

At its core lies a fearsome double-bladed head, its edges honed to razor-sharp perfection, capable of cleaving through shields and bone alike with devastating efficiency. Yet, it is the distinctive "beard" protruding from the lower edge of the blade that lends the axe its iconic appearance, serving as a grim reminder of the reaper's scythe and the inevitability of fate.

Forged from the finest steel and etched with intricate runes of protection and conquest, the Bearded Axe of Ragnar is as much a symbol of authority as it is a tool of war. Its weight is balanced perfectly, allowing for swift and deadly strikes that leave chaos and carnage in their wake.

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