- Size: 9 inches
- Material: Linden tree, morilka
- If you would like to make a custom statue - please message me

The Carved Hel Statue is a hauntingly beautiful representation of the Norse goddess Hel, the ruler of the realm of the dead in Norse mythology. Meticulously crafted with an exquisite balance of grace and macabre allure, this statue captures the enigmatic essence of Hel and her role as a deity presiding over the afterlife.

In a seated or standing pose, Hel is portrayed with striking realism, with the artisan paying meticulous attention to detail in capturing her dual nature. Half of her visage reflects ethereal beauty, while the other half is rendered with a skeletal, deathly countenance, symbolizing her dominion over both life and death. The choice of material for the carving, whether it be wood, stone, or another medium, adds a touch of darkness and mystery, reflecting the underworld over which Hel holds sway.


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