Product information: 

- Size: 10 inches
- Material: Linen tree, morilka
- If you would like to make a custom statue - please message me

The Carved Loki Statue is a compelling representation of the complex and mischievous Norse deity, Loki. Skillfully crafted with intricate detail, this statue captures the enigmatic nature of the god of mischief, trickery, and transformation.

In a dynamic and unpredictable pose, Loki is portrayed with an expression that conveys both charisma and mischief. The sculptor has paid meticulous attention to capturing Loki's distinctive features, including his cunning gaze, wily smile, and the flowing, untamed locks of hair. The choice of material for the carving, whether it be wood, stone, or another medium, adds a touch of unpredictability and contrasts, reflecting Loki's multifaceted character.

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