Product information: 

- Size: 70 cm 
- Fully functional axe
- Material - birch wood and U8 steel
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 1100 grams

The Engraved Dane Axe emerges as a striking testament to the fusion of lethal practicality and exquisite craftsmanship during the Viking Age. This exceptional weapon, characterized by its imposing size and intricately engraved details, stands as a symbol of the Norse commitment to both martial prowess and artistic expression.

What sets the Engraved Dane Axe apart is the meticulous attention given to its aesthetics. The axehead, usually crafted from robust iron or steel, serves as a canvas for intricate engravings. These designs, ranging from geometric patterns to mythological symbols, transform the axe into a piece of functional art, embodying the artistic sophistication of the Norse culture.

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