Product information: 

- Size: 35 cm / 14 inches
- Functional axe
- Material - birch wood and U8 steel
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 900 grams

The Damascus Viking Axe is a formidable and visually striking weapon that seamlessly combines ancient craftsmanship with modern design. This axe pays homage to the historical Viking age, blending the artistry of Damascus steel with the practicality of a classic axe. The axehead is crafted from Damascus steel, a type of steel known for its distinctive wavy patterns and exceptional durability.

The intricately forged Damascus steel not only adds to the axe's aesthetic appeal but also enhances its strength and sharpness. The axehead typically features a keen cutting edge and a well-defined beard, resembling the traditional Viking axe design. The layers of Damascus steel create a unique and eye-catching visual texture, making each axe a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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