Product information: 

- Adjustable size
- Materials: stainless steel and leather
- The product is shipped from the USA and delivery takes 2-3 days maximum.
- All of our jewelry products are made by us in our workshop, we do NOT sell Chinese pendants and bracelets from AliExpress and similar websites. All of the products are handcrafted in Ukraine by experienced artisans.

The Fenrir Leather Bracelet is a stylish and symbolic accessory that draws inspiration from Norse mythology, specifically the mighty wolf Fenrir, a creature of great significance in Viking lore. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bracelet is not only a fashionable adornment but also a wearable homage to the powerful and mythical beast.

The focal point of the Fenrir Leather Bracelet is a finely crafted metal centerpiece that represents the image of Fenrir, the colossal wolf bound by magical chains. The intricate detailing captures the essence of the creature, from its fierce expression to the texture of its fur, embodying the untamed and formidable nature of Fenrir.

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