Product information: 

- Size: 70 cm 
- Fully functional axe 
- Material - birch wood and U8 steel
- 100% handmade work
- Weight - 1.4 kg

Crafted in the spirit of the legendary Norse seafarers, the Authentic Viking Axe is a tribute to the cultural heritage and practical craftsmanship of the Viking Age. Rooted in historical accuracy and designed for functionality, this axe is a tangible link to the martial and everyday tools that defined the lives of the Norse people.

The Authentic Viking Axe faithfully replicates the design and aesthetics of axes used during the Viking Age. The axehead, typically made from high-quality iron or steel, reflects the simplicity and efficiency prized by the Norse people. Its design draws inspiration from archaeological finds and historical records, ensuring an accurate representation of Viking-era weaponry.

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